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April 28, 2012 / kirajx

Utilizing SEO for Commission Shops

Commission Shops is launching on the 1st of May. SEO is very important when you launch a website. This is even if it’s an e-commerce website and not a normal website.

Traffic coming from Search Engines are extremely targeted.This will help you get plenty of conversions. The great thing about this type of traffic is that is that it is free! One problem is that is not that simple ranking a e-commerce site? What can you do? We will look at some aspects that affect this factor.

Be sure to include a short description for the products on your site. Include a unique description for every product. Make sure to include the keyword in the title . Ranking by Search Engines is given according to the information that is found on the website.

Analytics must be installed on your e-commerce site. Right now, it is a crime not having them. Analytics will give you information that is needed to understand how your visitors behave and where your website traffic is coming from.

You will many visitors from search engines. To really understand things about your customers and know which keywords are sending you traffic, you must install Google analytics. This is a benefit which is free for you.

If your SEO is done properly , your e-commerce shop will be sure to get a high ranking in search engines.

April 14, 2012 / kirajx

More Facts About Commission Shops

Here are some more facts about the Creators of Commission Shops:

Josh Vacek & Tom Geller 

I’m sure you had never heard of these two names before.

They have been using pen-names in their previous launches and finally revealed their real names.

They are experienced and know that their reputation will be on the line if their product fails to deliver.

In the past, they have released numerous products and received great response.

Their products had never failed to deliver value to their customers.

Most of their launched raked in 6 figures amounts.

Their newest product , Commission Shops , is one of the most awaited products in IM.

It is guaranteed to create a passive income for Internet Marketers.

Get Commission Shops Today!

April 14, 2012 / kirajx

Commission Shops

In my last post, I provided a simple explanation of how Commission Shops can help you build you money making empire.

Now ,  I will provide a more In-Depth explanation of the features of Commission Shops.

  • Web Based Software – No Installation Needed
  • Best Products Selection –  Selects the top products from Clickbank and Amazon to make affiliate ‘shops’ based on your keywords.
  •  Content Generation – Searches for the best relevant content on the web for your site.
  •  Organic Traffic – Brings free traffic to your website through the Unique content
  •  Internal linking network – Increase your site’s traffic by creating internal links throughout your website.

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April 14, 2012 / kirajx

Earning From Amazon using Commission Shops

Amazon is the #1 Shopping Destination based on several surveys .  Research has shown that people who shop at Amazon will occasionally purchase several items instead of a single item.  Amazon has been trying to increase sales using PPC ads such as Adwords. Adwords has been responsible for a lot of Amazon’s revenue. Another source that brings in sales for Amazon is through affiliates . Many affiliates like to promote Amazon because it has such a high conversion rate that anyone who goes there must have something to buy.

Affiliates will try to place cookies on others so that they will gain commission for the purchases of other people.  The cookie will last for 24 hours . Wow ! 24 hours! Think of all the purchases that can be made within that 24 hours.  The commission rate is around 8-10% .  A television that costs $1,000 will earn you $80-100 in commisions. Imagine getting 20+ sales in a day ,  that’s $2,000 per day.  $2,000 per day for 30 days will be $60,000 per month! Best thing is that nowadays , there are a lot of softwares that can do all the work for you.  One such software is Commission Shops.  It will create affiliate websites for you automatically without any hard work.  Imagine that , one website can bring you $60,000 per month . Imagine how much 20 of such websites will get you.  $ 1,200,000 . Yes , you heard it right.  $1.2 Million Dollars.  You will have a passive income of $1,200,000 with just 20 websites.  You don’t have to stop at this point. You can go travelling or do anything you like while this software helps you to generate free money to your bank accounts.

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